Endostar E3 Rotary System is made of a high elastic, nickel-titanium alloy dedicated for all rotary handpieces. For better, easy and efficient endo treatment.

Easy - easy sequence

Complete solution for each type of canals.3 selected, NiTi files with a length of 25 mm most commonly used for the endodontic treatment. Simple sequence ensures easy operation, and at the same time high efficiency during root canal treatment. Extensions of the system Endostar E3 Big Apical and Endostar E3 Small Apical support endo treatments.

EFFICIENT - efficiency

System Endostar E3 easily fits into most curved canals minimizing the risk of perforation Two cutting edges at an angle of 90 degrees ensure efficient cutting of dentin, and significantly advance time of endodontic
treatment. Non cutting tip of each file ensures safe work, and reducing the danger of via falsa, perforation and cut grade.

ERGONOMIC - comfort of use

3 files is the optimum number, that greatly shorten the working time. Legible taper (marked as number of stripes on the handle) and the size of the ISO (color stripes) significantly improve the work. For the convenience Endostar E3 Rotary System is packed in blisters.


Endostar E3 Rotary System Sets

E3E3 Rotary System, set
30/08 (18 mm), 25/06, 30/04, 25 mm, 3 pcs

E3SE3 Small Apical
20/04, 25/04, 20/06, 25 mm, 3 pcs

E3BE3 Big Apical
35/04, 40/04,45/04, 25 mm, 3 pcs

Endostar E3 Rotary System Refills

Endostar E3 Basic
E3300818E3 Rotary System, Refill, 30/08, 18 mm, 6 psc
E3250625E3 Rotary System, Refill,, 25/06, 25 mm, 6 pcs
E3300425E3 Rotary System, Refill, 30/04, 25 mm, 6 pcs

Endostar E3 Small Apical
E3200425E3 Rotary System, refill, 20/04, 25 mm, 6 pcs
E3250425E3 Rotary System, refill,, 25/04, 25 mm, 6 pcs
E3200625E3 Rotary System, refill,, 20/06, 25 mm, 6 pcs

Endostar E3 Big Apical
E3350425E3 Rotary System, refill,, 35/04, 25 mm, 6 pcs
E3400425E3 Rotary System, refill,, 40/04, 25 mm, 6 pcs
E3400425E3 Rotary System, refill, 45/04, 25 mm, 6 pcs